Dress Code

When purchasing new clothing for your children, make sure the clothes purchased for school follow the guidelines listed below.

  • All shorts and skirts must reach the end of the fingertips. Short shorts are not acceptable.
  • When wearing skirts, students must also wear shorts under the skirts.
  • Bare mid riffs are not acceptable. All shirts must cover the top of the shorts/pants.
  • Baggy pants are not acceptable – all pants must be worn above the hip bone.
  • Spaghetti straps may not be worn unless worn over or under a sleeved shirt or jacket.
  • Halter tops may not be worn.
  • Flip flops may not be worn. Sandals that split the toes and do not have a back strap are a safety hazard and may not be worn at school.
  • Drug, alcohol, tobacco, gang related symbols or anything deemed inappropriate by the administration may not be worn.
  • Closed toed, rubber soled shoes are the only shoes acceptable for Health Fitness. Crocs are not acceptable for Health Fitness classes. Athletic shoes must be worn for Health Fitness classes. 
  • Hats, caps, hairnets, bandanas, trench coats, dusters, hoodies worn over the head, and colored beads may not be worn at school


**Items worn which disrupt the learning environment are not allowed. The administration reserves the right to determine if students meet dress code criteria.