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Stacy Black, VOE Nurse

The school nurse is in charge of the clinic.  She will assist students if they are sick or injured or if they need to take medication at school.  Students are encouraged to go to her with health-related problems or concerns. Students are never permitted to take medication (even aspirin) unless they are in the clinic and supervised by the nurse.  

  • Immunizations: -- Please refer to the SBISD Student/Parent Handbook for a complete list of immunization requirements.

  • Prescription/Medication: -- Prescription medication can be administered at school only when there is a request to administer it.  This request must be signed (no stamps accepted) by the physician (or dentist) and parent. The medication must be in the original container and properly labeled by the pharmacy. The request must give the name of medication, dose, time and dates to be given.  

  • Non-prescription medications: -- Can be administered at school if the medication is provided by a parent with an accompanying written request signed by the parent giving the name of the medication, dose, time and dates to be administered. The medication must be in the original container.  No medication will be administered that is not in its original packaging, labeled by the manufacturer.  For medications given on an ”as needed” basis, the note must state how often they can be given (how many hours between doses).

  • Medication shall not be sent with a child in a lunch or backpack for “self-medicating” at school.

  • Sick Child at School: -- When a child becomes sick or injured at school, the nurse will reference the Clinic Emergency Card for contact information.  In a situation where a child needs to go home, the child will remain in the clinic until a parent or designated person comes to the school to address the situation.  A child should be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school.

  • Further or more specific questions may be directed to Nurse Stacy, 713-251-7500